1-trailers are freedom to decorate with cool little things that twirl in the wind


Consider the humble, ubiquitous vintage "house trailers" nestled in trailer "Parks" or Parked in defiant isolation in our rural outlands. Objects of bygone utility often keeping company with organic expressions of art, personality and agriculture usually define or surround the boundaries of the thin tin fortress.

A resident or lord of said fortress lives outside the system of escalating pretense and status statements of permanent structures and always has the implicit ability to roll away to adventure over the horizon or around the corner. they are outsiders in relation to the general housing choices of the population at large and surely some to them indulge the freedom to travel even into other dimensions...what would be inside their little metal vessels?

So then, the concept of this site is to provide a "Park" for creative people to establish a simple presence- to exhibit a small diorama of personal expressions and amusing objects from their explorations

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