David Povilaitis


David has a lot of imaginary companions. Many of them are imperfect machine/critters with complex personalities. They adapt well to imaginative homes.


Caroline's Kitty
Oak branches, propellor, copper & painted scrap
approx. 48"w x 55"h

living in Virginia with furry companions

Mio, the TinKitty
Genuine kat-food tin can, paint & wire
approx. 8" high

living ontop a TV


Black MoonMan
Wood, tin, wire & lost objects
approx. 63" x 28"

private hallway near a bedroom

Two guys Over Tehachapi
Harbor scraps, weedroot heads, tin and Eucalyptus branch
approx. 48" x 48"

sold into corporate service

detail of weedroot heads
approx. life-size


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